Behavior Guidance

Many of us have behavior issues. Some of us indulge in sweets or excessive TV watching. Pets too have habits and tendencies that can be vexing at times. When obtaining a new dog or cat, it can be wise to seek pet behavior guidance. Here at Summit Dog & Cat Hospital in Summit, NJ, we are all about your pet's optimal health and well-being.

Beyond nutrition and exercise, fitting in with your home and family is important as well. It's also important for pet owners to understand that their four-legged friends will not always be perfect angels. Behavioral guidance for your pet can help. 

behavior guidance

How Veterinary Pet Behavior Guidance Can Help

Seeking pet behavior guidance directly after getting a pet can help allow a veterinarian on our veterinary team to suggest the best type of pet for your home. After all, some homes are better suited to dogs, others to cats, and still others to specific types of dogs and cats.

A Summit Dog & Cat Hospital veterinarian can help you choose the best species and breed for your needs. Further, once you have obtained your pet, a veterinarian on our team can help recommend an optimal diet for good health.

Finally, we can help provide a regular round of vaccinations and routine pet wellness care and visits so that we can help maintain your pet’s health.


Different types of pets may need different types of training. Different dog breeds are raised to do different things which means that they can have different tendencies. The kind of dog or cat that you have may impact the kind behavioral guidance you get look for or get for your pet.

It is much easier to train younger dogs than it is to train older dogs. The same thing goes for cats. This means that, when you get a young pet, do not delay in getting him or her trained. You want him or her to be well trained before it is too late and their behaviors become more difficult to reform.

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Whatever your choice, the type of training, care, and environment you provide can be critical to determining the health and happiness of your new pet. We at Summit Dog & Cat Hospital will use our skills and training to help ensure your new family member is a great fit. We serve Summit, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Call us at (908) 273-2200 for more information.


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