Cat Allergies

Your cat can get allergies and, while it can be hard to tell if it's something else, it may be a good idea to have him looked at by a vet. If you live in Summit, NJ, you have a veterinarian near you with us at Summit Dog and Cat Hospital. A cat dermatologist can look him over and decide the best course of action.

Cat Allergies

What Should I Look For?

The symptoms can vary by cat but they are usually the same that a lot of people display. They can be sneezing, coughing, or wheezing. His eyes can be itchy or running. He may even be vomiting or have diarrhea.


When you bring your cat into the office, a vet on our team might do a couple of things. We may draw blood or we may do a skin scrape to help test for certain allergies. Once we better understand your pet’s condition, we will explain the results to you and help determine a treatment plan.


Treatment depends on what kind of allergies your cat has. If his allergies are caused by a certain food, you can remove it from their diet. If it's environmental, you can dust and vacuum more around your home or even get a special air filter. We will give you a set of directions on what you can do to help your favorite feline feel normal again. Our staff will examine all the options and discuss them with you, including possibly a big change in diet.

We can also provide other preventative care services to help make sure your pet stays health. These services can include vaccinations, parasite prevention, and more.

Get Vet Care and Cat Allergy Treatment from a Veterinarian Near You or a Cat Dermatologist at Our Animal Clinic

At Summit Dog and Cat Hospital, we want to help ensure that all the cats of Summit, NJ, are allergy-free. A veterinarian near you or a cat dermatologist at our animal clinic can help provide your pet with the vet care or cat allergy treatment he needs. Call us at (908) 273-2200. We are here to help with your pet care needs and are pleased to be serving the areas of Summit, Short Hills, Millburn, Livingston, Edison, Chatham, Madison, Union, Westfield, and Springfield, NJ. 


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