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We love our pets and want to ensure they are always properly taken care of and looked after; however, sometimes, we need to travel or leave home for several days. When this happens, we want to ensure there is someone to take care of our pet in our absence. The pet boarding option at our veterinary clinic can be a good option for your pet. Our veterinarian can provide treatment in an emergency and help keep them comfortable. We at Summit Dog and Cat Hospital in Summit, NJ, are here to take care of pets when their families are out of town. 

Tips for Pet Boarding with Our Veterinarian

Boarding your pet can be stressful, mainly because their daily routine is disrupted, and strangers surround them. Boarding your pet at our vet office can ensure it is in a family setting and taken care of by staff they are already familiar with. Below are some tips to help get your pet ready for boarding.

Conduct a Trial Run for Boarding

If your pet has never been boarded at your veterinary clinic, conducting a trial run might be a good idea. Take your pet there for one night to see how they handle the change in their daily routine. The trial run should be done several weeks before you plan to travel. Conducting a trial run may make it easier to drop your pet off when it is time to travel. 

Adjust Your Pet’s Sleeping Habits

Boarding can be a change in your pet’s sleeping schedule. If your pet is used to sleeping in bed with you, it might be a good idea to start changing things up. Have your pet spend a few nights sleeping in another room or a crate. When using a crate, you may have to move it to your bedroom, especially if your pet will not settle down in the kennel in another room. 

Maintain Your Pet’s Comfort

Boarding facilities offer pet’s all the comforts they need to be happy while their owners are away, there is nothing like being surrounded by familiar smells from home. We can add additional services at your request so do not be shy and tell us how we can best keep your pet comfortable while you are gone. 

Visit Us for More Information from Our Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

If you need to board your pet in Summit, NJ, call us at (908) 273-2200 for Summit Dog and Cat Hospital to schedule your pet’s time with us. We are here to take care of your pets in your absence and ensure they are happy and healthy during their stay. 


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