Pet Wellness Exam

Your pet is part of your family. That means you’ll do anything to make sure they’re healthy, happy, and safe. However, it's sometimes difficult to tell when your pet is ailing and needs urgent veterinary care. At Summit Dog & Cat Hospital, we have been providing pet owners in Summit, NJ with reliable pet care services for many years. We recommend scheduling regular pet wellness exams with our veterinarian to ensure any health conditions can be diagnosed and treated before they are allowed to progress. Here are a few signs to watch out for that indicate your pet needs veterinary care.

Pet Wellness Exam

Change in Eating Habits

While it's normal for your dog or cat to skip meals once in a while due to changes in environment or similar factors, you should visit your vet immediately if your pet is avoiding their regular food and treats. This could be an indication of digestive problems or obstruction in the intestines. If your cat or dog suddenly stops eating, schedule an appointment with our veterinarian as soon as possible.

Appear Tired and Sluggish

Older pets are less active and prefer to spend their time sleeping indoors and exercising a few hours every day. Younger pets are more active and spend most of their day in motion. When they seem to suddenly sleep more and show disinterest in their favorite pastimes, they could be ill or experiencing physical pain. Note that environmental changes can cause lethargy in pets but should not persist for more than two days.

Drinking Too Much or Too Little

Not taking enough water or drinking too much is also a sign of a digestive problem.  A dog that drinks more than the regular amount of water could also be dealing with diabetes or kidney disease. You can tell if your dog is drinking too much if you’re filling the water bowl more often than usual or urinating too much.

Cloudy, Itchy, and Irritated Eyes

Irritants and infections can make your pet’s eyes red and cloudy. If they are squinting or appear to scratch their eyes more than usual, you might need to take them for an examination. Eye problems in pets can progress fast. If not treated on time, eye issues can lead to blindness. Our veterinarian may prescribe medication to cure the infection and ease your pet’s discomfort.

See a Veterinary at Summit Dog & Cat Hospital

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