Pet Cardiology

Animals can develop heart problems just as people do. Some of these problems can be present at birth, but others can display symptoms later in life. With good treatment, your pet can continue to live a long and happy life. At Summit Dog and Cat Hospital in Summit, we offer care for pets with a variety of heart issues, and that includes the areas Short Hills, Millburn, Livingston, Edison, Chatham, Madison, Union, Westfield and Springfield, New Jersey. 

Pet Cardiology

Signs of Pet Heart Problems

The signs of heart disease in pets can be subtle, but you may notice a variety of symptoms that indicate a problem. Your pet may tire easily or may be reluctant to exercise. It may experience fainting with exertion. It may have difficulty breathing or a persistent cough that is not related to any respiratory infection. Pets may not participate in activities they enjoyed previously. These issues require an investigation by a qualified veterinarian.

Causes of Heart Problems in Pets

In some cases, a heart problem may be caused by a structural abnormality that is present from birth. However, accidents, aging, and infections can also lead to heart disease that requires monitoring and treatment to help the animal live a normal life.

Diagnosing Heart Issues in Pets

A veterinarian will order several tests for your pet, which will include blood tests to detect abnormalities in the function of internal organs, chest x-rays, electrocardiograms, and echocardiograms. Ultrasound testing is also used to diagnose heart problems in pets. The results of these tests will provide the vet with information regarding the nature and extent of the heart problem.

Treatments for Pet Heart Problems

The vet may prescribe medications to correct an irregular heartbeat in your dog. Medications are also used to reduce fluid build-up in the lungs that may occur. Older animals with heart valve dysfunction may require surgery to correct the problem. Pacemakers can be inserted to regulate heart function. Managing weight can also be an important factor in controlling heart problems in animals. Limiting salt in the diet and providing limited exercise are also recommended for animals with heart disease.

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