Dental cleaning discharge instructions

Home Care Instructions:  Your pet has had dental surgery.  They may be sore or tired for the next several hours or days.  Please see instructions below for additional information about how to treat your pet when you return home.

Procedure or Diagnosis: Dental Procedure

Proper Restraint: Please protect your pet when leaving the practice by using a leash or carrier. 

Medications:            Start Medication as directed 

Food and Water       Only small moist amounts of food and water should be offered tonight. 

                  Normal feeding may resumed tomorrow.
                                  Feed your pet his/her regular diet. 

Exercise       May resume normal activity in several days. 
                        Confine indoors. Take outside on leash only for eliminations.
                         NO running, jumping or access to stairs. 

Sutures/Bandages   Discourage your pet from irritating the suture site.
   Suture removal in 10-14 days. Please make an appointment with a technician.

Follow-up   Please call us with a progress report in 2-3 days. 

Post Anesthesia Advisories: 
Your pet may be unsteady on their feet tonight. Please use caution on with respect to stairs and elevated beds/couches until your pet is alert and their balance is back to normal. 
A soft cough may be noted over the next couple of days due to intubation for anesthesia. Please let us know if the cough worsens or becomes productive. 
Due to some drugs used with anesthesia, your pet may be mildly constipated for the next few days. Please call if no bowel movement is noted after 3 days. 
If you note any vomiting, diarrhea or lethargy in the next few days, please contact us immediately 

Call the practice if any of the following occur: Summit Dog & Cat Hospital 908-273-2200
Loss of appetite for more than two days
Excessive pain
Sutures are missing or loose
Discharge from eyes, ears, or nose
Straining to urinated or defecate
Labored breathing
Refusal to drink water for more than one day
Depression or lethargy
Excess drainage from the incision Wet or a bad odor to the bandage
Difficulty getting up or down
Swelling of the surgery site
Abnormal odors
Weakness or inability to stand
Chewing, licking, or scratching sutures
Excessive bleeding from the mouth


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