Pet Dental Care FAQs

Pets need help taking care of their teeth to keep them in good health. Pet owners who live in Summit, NJ, or the surrounding communities can bring their pets to us at Summit Dog & Cat Hospital for the dentistry services they need. If you’re not sure what to expect from a pet exam for dental care, these FAQs provide the answers you need.

Pet Dental Care

Are dental problems common in pets?

An estimated 70 percent or more of canines and felines over the age of 5 years have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can weaken the bone structure of your pet’s teeth, putting him at risk for tooth loss. Advanced periodontal disease can enter your pet’s bloodstream and damage his kidneys, liver, and heart. Pets are also susceptible to broken teeth, abscesses, swollen gums, and other painful dental issues.

What does pet dental care entail?

At Sunshine Animal Hospital, our dentistry services include dental exams with x-rays, professional cleanings, tooth polishing, oral surgery for tooth removal when needed, and treatments for other dental issues. Our services are performed under anesthesia so our veterinarian can do a thorough job without causing pain or discomfort to your pet.  

Is anesthesia really necessary for pet dental care?

Sedating your pet enables us to thoroughly examine your pet’s teeth, take x-rays, and perform professional cleanings, especially under the gum line where periodontal disease starts, without your pet thrashing around or feeling pain.

How do I know if my pet has dental issues?

There are numerous signs to watch out for to indicate your pet needs dental care. These include swollen or bleeding gums, strong odors in your pet’s mouth, loss of appetite, discolored teeth, or difficulty chewing dry food. Your pet may also rub his face with his paw or against your carpet consistently. A checkup from our vet will uncover dental issues so your pet can get the treatment he needs.

How often should I have my pet’s teeth cleaned?

That depends a great deal on the state of your dog or cat’s teeth, his diet, home dental care, and lifestyle habits. We recommend a dental checkup annually. Depending on the outcome of these exams, your vet can determine the best course of action for caring for your pet’s teeth.    

Pet Dental Care in Summit, NJ

From dental exams to professional cleanings and oral surgery for tooth removal, you can count on Summit Dog & Cat Hospital for professional dentistry services to improve your pet's oral health. Call us at (908) 273-2200 for more information or to schedule an appointment.



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