Holiday Safety for Cats

Holiday Safety Tips for Cat Owners

Holiday Safety for Cats

Even if you stay home for the holidays, there is plenty to ensure your cat remains safe. Cats often like to investigate holiday decorations, which can present challenges. You can talk to Summit Dog and Cat Hospital in Summit, NJ, for tips on holiday safety for cats. We will gladly give you the information you need at our veterinary office.

Is Playing with the Christmas Tree Safe for Your Cat?

You might wonder if it is safe for your cat to play with your Christmas tree if you celebrate Christmas during the holiday season. First, you should ensure the tree is set up securely, so it does not fall if your cat decides to climb onto it. This security can eliminate safety concerns about your cat falling into the tree and potentially getting hurt.

If you have a real Christmas tree, you should know that tree water may be a bacteria breeding group or harmful fertilizers. These hazards mean your cat can get an upset stomach if it drinks the tree water or eats the fertilizer. For this reason, you should ensure your cat cannot access your tree's watering dish. However, if you do the above, your cat can play with the tree.

Are Traditional Candles Unsafe for Cats?

Many people like to put candles in their homes during the holiday season. However, our veterinarian would remind you that traditional candles can be hazardous for cats. Cats may burn themselves with traditional candles or knock them off with their tails. As a result, battery-powered candles are a good alternative if you are a cat owner. These allow you to enjoy candles while keeping your cat safe.

Is Mistletoe Toxic for Cats?

Putting up mistletoe is another common tradition during the holiday season. However, mistletoe can be dangerous for cats, since some types of mistletoe are toxic. Other species of mistletoe only irritate a cat's intestinal tract if the cat eats them. Therefore, you should classify mistletoe as hazardous and ensure your cat cannot reach it.

Summit Dog and Cat Hospital Keep Pets Safe during the Holidays

For more information about holiday safety for cats, stop by our veterinary practice. Summit Dog and Cat Hospital in Summit, NJ, includes experienced, compassionate vets who will keep your cat safe throughout the holiday season. In addition to information, we can also provide any treatment your cat needs six days a week. Call us at (908) 273-2200 to learn how our veterinarian can improve your cat's holiday safety.



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