Flea and Tick Prevention

When the spring thaw arrives, it is time to pay close attention to flea and tick prevention for your pets. Warmer weather and the potential for ample rain and humidity make New Jersey a prime breeding ground for fleas and ticks. Summit Dog and Cat Hospital in Summit, NJ, offers a variety of products and veterinary services that help to prevent flea and tick infestation. If fleas, ticks, or both are pestering your pets, some basic treatments could help to get rid of them. And some simple prevention could help to keep them away. The following should help you to keep your pets and home free of fleas and ticks throughout the long and warm summer months.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Signs of Flea and Tick Pet Infestations

There is nothing pretty about fleas and ticks. Both can embed themselves into the coat and skin of your dog, cat, or another pet. They lay eggs and can make your pets feel miserable. And they can cause severe skin irritation. If you see your pet continually scratching at the same spot or detect hair loss or skin rashes, a flea or tick infestation might be the cause.

Ticks can be especially dangerous for your pets. Ticks often attach themselves to your pets and other animals and feed on their blood for a couple of days to a couple of weeks. When a tick travels from host to host, it could transfer deadly diseases, like Lyme disease, from one animal to another. They also affect humans. Ticks are easy to identify by the small bump they create when attached to your pet. A flea comb or tick removal tool will pop them off.

Veterinary Care for Flea and Tick Infestations

Our professional veterinarian staff at Summit Dog and Cat Hospital in Summit, NJ, can help to ease any infestation of fleas or ticks on your pets. A thorough pet exam enables us to check your pet for parasites and run a blood test to ensure your pet is in good health. We can bathe your pet with flea and tick shampoo that kills the pests and washes them away. Some medication could help to stave off any potential infection that might be caused by damaged skin from constant scratching. We also can provide you with our veterinarian-approved flea and tick prevention products.

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